North Pacific Latin American District Council of the Assemblies of God
 "...So Isaac dug those wells again.... (v18 NCV) 
"(Isaac) Abrio nuevamente los pozos de agua...." (v18 NVI)
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  • Sri Lanka AG Celebrates its Centennial

    Over 22,000 people gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Pentecostal missionaries who came to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1914.

  • Teen Bible Quiz National Champions Crowned

    Defending Teen Bible Quiz National Champions James River Church, Ozark, Missouri, edged Bellevue (Washington) Neighborhood Church, 165-130, to win its second consecutive Teen Bible Quiz National Championship.

  • This Week in AG History -- July 29, 1939

    Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Director Darrin Rodgers sheds light on senior AG stateman, John W. Welch, and his impact upon the Assemblies of God. Then link to the historic 1939 Pentecostal Evangel and read tributes to Welch as well as articles by George D. Watson, Mrs. Howard Taylor, and many others!

  • AG Centennial to Have Strong Overseas Representation

    Even though it's the U.S. Assemblies of God celebrating its Centennial, the overseas AG members are coming in significant numbers to join in the celebration events.

  • Survey Reveals Americans Polarizing Over the Bible

    Barna Group survey reveals Americans are split down the middle when it comes to loving or hating the Bible.